The Tech For Life Institute is creating acceleration of solutions for pressing needs in Climate Change and Human Resiliency 

The Tech For Life Institute was founded by entrepreneurs Philippe Nacson and Dan Lopez. The idea for the Tech For Life Institute spawned from launching the Tech For Life Summit series, where it became apparent that there was a need to create a center of knowledge focused on revisiting  existing Impact Valuation Models, sharing best practices and ways to accelerate and promote disruptive key technologies for our planet. 

Entrepreneurs can change the world

From startup founders, to corporate employees, to visionary dreamers, entrepreneurs hold the keys to the greatest challenges of our time. They see opportunities. They take risks and set the path for entire industries. At Tech For Life Institute, we help grow ideas into world-changing businesses.

Great ideas come from anywhere

This means beyond Silicon Valley, even beyond developed countries. At Tech For Life Institute, we actively foster startup culture at the local level, growing communities of entrepreneurs through events, mentorship, and education to create a more sustainable and inclusive world.

Start an ethical Deep Tech movement

By supporting Deep Tech for Climate Change and Human Resiliency entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey, we work to create positive social and economic change, transforming the world by making innovation accessible to anyone, anywhere.


"The Tech For Life Institute is committed to helping accelerate advanced technology companies for a more sustainable and inclusive world."

- Philippe Nacson, Co-founder